WelComE TO THE Schakel College IN aruba

We challenge students to learn optimally in a pleasant and personal environment, where students feel seen and heard. This is reflected in the success rates of > 90%.

Aruban curriculum

Most students at our school follow the Aruban curriculum and prepare for the Aruban final exams. The school has been receiving, since August 1
2020, subsidy from the Aruban Government and has become more accessible. In the coming years, the number of students will gradually increase to approximately 425 students. The Aruban education inspectorate supervises our education.

Dutch curriculum

There is also a group of students at our school for whom the connection with the Dutch curriculum remains important. They often flow in and/or remigrate after school back to the Netherlands. For the final exam at Havo and Vwo level, they can choose the Dutch State exams.

The school has organized the expertise and experience on how to move between school systems to ensure a smooth transition. The Dutch stream is affiliated with the NOB Foundation (Dutch Education Abroad) and therefore falls under the supervision of the Dutch education inspectorate.

Educational Opportunities

First Stage - Transition Years

At De Schakel we have two transition years. Only after the second year does your child move on to 3 mavo or 3 havo/vwo.

Second Stage - Exam years

The second stage or exam years consist of the last year of MAVO and the last two/three years of HAVO/VWO.

Cambridge Certificates

In addition to your diploma, you can obtain the worldwide recognized certificates for Cambridge English.

TTO: Bilingual Education Program Dutch-English

Since 2020, Schakel College has proudly embraced its identity as a TTO school, offering an enriching bilingual education program centered around Dutch and English, while also placing significant emphasis on Papiamento and Spanish. Additionally, for students following the Dutch curriculum, we provide an opportunity to explore the French language.

Our tailored TTO model at Schakel College is designed to best meet the unique linguistic backgrounds of our students, ensuring that they receive an education that is both relevant and impactful. While our main language of instruction is Dutch, our students benefit from a curriculum that prepares them for Dutch-language final exams, setting them up for success in their academic journey.

At Schakel College, our TTO program focuses on three key pillars:
● Language proficiency – high level of English (measurable)
● Global Citizenship – open and broad view of the world (demonstrable)
● Personal development – a self-confident and responsible attitude and balanced judgment about unknown matters (noticeable)

At the Schakel College, all students follow TTO.

Student population

The population at the Schakel College is diverse, just like all other schools on the island. People often think of the former image, a Dutch school with all Dutch children, but that is no longer the case. It is now a school where 80% of the students were born in Aruba.