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We challenge our students to learn optimally in a pleasant and personal environment where they feel seen and heard.


Aruban curriculum with supervision by the Aruban Inspectorate of Education.


Dutch curriculum with supervision by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education.

At this moment, the fight against the COVID-19 virus requires all our attention. We are working hard to continue providing our students with good education.

Aruban curriculum

The school has been administering Aruban final examinations for years and has stable high graduation rates of well over 90%. Since August 1, 2020, the school is being subsidized by the Aruban Government for the Aruban curriculum. As a result, the school has become more accessible and is growing.

Bilingual education

For Aruba, we are developing a new bilingual education model that pays even more attention to English but also best suits the multilingual background of our students. It will therefore take a different form than the bilingual education model in the Netherlands. Dutch will remain the main language of instruction at school, as the final examinations in Aruba must be administered in Dutch. Our school has been offering an enhanced English program for years, which can be concluded with Cambridge examinations.

Education at a bilingual education school also takes into account that society is becoming increasingly international, in which language skills and knowledge and experience at an international level are indispensable. Of course, we want all our students to excel and ensure that, with our educational opportunities, they will be successful in their further education and further careers. This means not only ensuring that the students acquire knowledge but also teaching them many skills such as reflection, commitment, responsibility, creativity, entrepreneurship and resilience.

Dutch curriculum

There is also a group of students at our school for whom the interface with the Dutch curriculum remains important. They often enter at an intermediate stage and/or remigrate to the Netherlands, and they participate in the Dutch state examinations at havo and vwo level.

For them, the school has the expertise and experience to explain how the Dutch curriculum is organized and how to switch between school systems to make the transition go smoothly.


Student population

The population at Schakel College is diverse, just like at all other schools in the island. People often think of the former image, a Dutch school with all Dutch children, but that is no longer the case. It is now a school where 80% of the students were born in Aruba. And this number will only further increase.