Personal attention

The students feel seen and heard at school. They experience personal involvement in their well-being and development.

Customized education

Our educational opportunities match the talents of each student and take their individual needs into account.

Modern education

According to the latest developments and under the supervision of the Aruban and Dutch Inspectorates of Education.

With passion

According to the latest developments and under the supervision of the Aruban and Dutch Inspectorates of Education.


We find it important to work systematically and teach our students to take responsibility for their own achievements. We make high and clear demands on ourselves, on each other and on our students. We hold each other to agreements and agree on appropriate manners. We are organized to be agile. We adjust the timetable when necessary and set a longer time schedule when we go too fast. We take time for the subjects and skills that need extra attention. This is why the students at Schakel College are successful. Both the student with ambition, the average student or the late bloomer, students who are temporarily in Aruba, and students with study barriers.


We are creative in exploiting possibilities. This allows us to find the right solutions. With this approach, a motivated student can also enroll once the school year has already started. We believe in working together. Through the triangle of pupil, school and parents, we can remove barriers and energy for movement can be created. We believe in ‘doing’. Students must be willing to put their effort behind it and show that they want to work to achieve their goals. In the meantime, it’s also fun; students enjoy being at our school and making friends for life. At the Schakel College your child feels seen, heard and understood.

Personal and involved

We spend a lot of time together at school and therefore know our students well. We offer students a comprehensive program that enables them to discover who they are, what they can do and what they want. Based on this, we provide advice for their study and career after the Schakel College.

We are proud to have been a leading provider of continuing education in Aruba for over fifteen years, guiding the lives of young adults and education policy. We are happy to go the extra mile if we can make a difference for a student.