Register at the Schakel College

1. Registration Form

The school will process a request for registration once the registration form has been signed by parent(s)/guardian(s).

2. Waiting List:

It is important to note that a reasonable, but not unlimited number of students can be placed for this first school year.

For students who have registered before 1 May 2023, a selection/lottery procedure may follow for certain school years. Students living in the North region defined by Censo have priority in the lottery.

For registrations after 1 May 2023, no distinction will be made in terms of home address. The order of any waiting list is based on the date of receipt of the registration form.

3. Written Confirmation Placement:

The application will be converted into a final placement once all the necessary forms, including signatures, have been received and an additional selection/lot procedure has taken place. The school confirms the placement in writing.

4. Terms & Conditions:

The general terms and conditions of the foundation apply to all registrations and placements of students.

5. Pricing Policy:

The school fees for a student are made up of several components. A student receives an invoice with the parts that apply to him/her.