Children perform best in an environment where they can be themselves and where they feel seen, heard and understood. Where they are allowed to make mistakes and where getting support in achieving their personal goal is not a weakness but the most normal thing in the world. In this way, self-confidence grows and the pleasure of learning increases.


Your son or daughter should feel safe at school and in the classroom. This not only concerns bullying, but also how we treat each other. Respect for others is an important principle. Because our classes are small, and the number of students at school is limited, everyone knows each other. Things are not left unseen, and everything is open to discussion. Friendships for life are also formed at school. Schakel College expects its teachers to provide a clear structure for the lessons and to respond proactively to any changed or striking behavior of students.


The mentor and the care coordinator at Schakel College play a significant role in guaranteeing a safe school environment. They are, in fact, confidential counselors. Together with your child, the mentor maps out the right path to success and is supported by the care coordinator, if desirable. We ask students to do their best, but they are also allowed to make mistakes, because we can learn from mistakes.

Clear rules

Clear rules apply at Schakel College to ensure social safety. Aggression, drug use and transgressive behavior will not be tolerated. Of course, you may also expect from us that our school is safe in a literal sense. For example, students are not allowed to leave the grounds during school hours, and our buildings meet the statutory requirements.

We believe that a safe environment at school is very important. To ensure this, the Foundation has drawn up a number of protocols that give students, teachers and parents clarity about how we act preventively and in case of incidents. Via the links below you can read more about this.

Safety at School Protocol