Policy and quality

The Aruban and Dutch Inspectorates of Education both assess our secondary education. The Aruban Inspectorate of Education focuses on the Aruban curriculum and the Dutch Inspectorate of Education on the Dutch curriculum.

Schakel College receives good assessments each year. It is nice that the Inspectorate confirms the excellent quality of our education.

Strategic Policy Plan 2019-2023

Review 2021-2022

Objective criteria

The Inspectorate of Education monitors the quality of education, stimulates the culture of improvement at schools and contributes to solving important educational issues. Schakel College views the Inspectorate as an indispensable force, and we are pleased that they include us in their inspections and reports. It is valuable that Schakel College is measured based on objective criteria.

High graduation rates

Schakel College has been obtaining graduation rates of over 90% for years. Whether students start in the transition years of Schakel College or enter halfway through or in the examination years, everyone has ambitions and plans for the future. The diploma is the key to making these dreams come true.

High satisfaction

If we offer excellent quality, our customers are satisfied. The world changes, education changes and we change with it. We are keen to continuously improve our services. We do this based on feedback from students, parents and employees, among other things.