Transition years - First stage

The transition from elementary school to secondary school is exciting. For your child and for you. Some children are better off not getting lost in a large school community. Schakel College offers personal and flexible education in a well-organized and safe learning environment for mavo, havo and vwo.

There are two transition years at Schakel College. Only after the second year does a student advance to mavo 3, havo 3 or vwo 3. In other words, we take the time to determine the highest attainable level for your child. This ensures that our students have the peace and space to develop, while we offer optimal guidance.

Highest attainable level

Before welcoming your child to the transition years, we look beyond the elementary school’s recommendation. We consider this recommendation to be an initial recommendation, but the ambitions and possibilities of your son or daughter are our starting point. We use a two-year transition period in which students are given every opportunity to develop and move on to the highest attainable level at that moment. We work with two instruction groups per year (mavo-havo and havo-vwo). The students largely follow the same program and are regular together in one group. The havo-vwo instruction group receives more advanced study material. Within the groups, students regularly work independently or in small groups. This way we encourage independence, self-confidence and cooperation among students. The learning materials provided by us are used flexibly, so that justice is done to the differences in level between students. At the end of the second year, the final recommendation as to the level of educational follows, and your child will move on to mavo 3, havo 3 or vwo 3.

Personal development

First-stage students are at an age at which they go through an important personal development. We pay attention to that in our classes, we reflect on the world around us and everyone’s role in it.


We believe it is important to acquire competencies (social, presentation and research skills). The focus is on independent and cooperative learning with practical assignments and various learning strategies. The integration of a number of learning areas and classes helps with this. By offering the curriculum as much as possible in the form of study areas, we can work with a smaller group of teachers, which intensifies the contact between the student and the teacher and makes it possible to give more substance and shape to personal attention.

Profile selection

In the 2nd semester of year 3, your child will make a profile selection. This is an important choice that will give direction to his/her future. Our mentor and dean will guide this process by means of career orientation classes. Together with you, we will ensure that your child makes a conscious profile selection!

Always welcome

We welcome your child. Students can start in any grade.